Christmas dating tips

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1 Be the host

Christmas parties are the ideal time to socialise, so act as if it’s your party.  Introduce people and talk to the people looking a little lost. This will demonstrate that you are in control and fun to be with, so girls will feel comfortable coming over to say hello.

2 Get a date instantly

Try a dating app such as Lovoo. You’ll be able to search for single women in your area, make connections and set up a meeting there and then. This speeds up communication so you’ll find yourself bonding much faster.

3 Approach a group

Most men are too nervous to do this, but women are more open to it during the party season. Don’t just speak to the one you like, but hold eye contact and involve each one.

4 Choose your wingman wisely

Having someone to party with is very useful as you’ll never be standing on your own. However, hanging out with drunken idiots won’t help as you’ll be associated with them.  Make sure your friends are like you: well groomed, dressed up and in a positive happy mood.

5 Make your point concisely

You’ll talk to lots of people at parties, so make they are enjoying the conversation. It’s your chance to get to know each other so don’t ramble on or bore them stupid, otherwise they’ll move on to someone more interesting.

6 Dance

Dancing has always been a mating ritual. Even if you aren’t great at it, try to look like you are enjoying it and you’ll get more attention.

7 Be an active listener

You must act like the other person is the most important in the room. While they are talking, respond to show them you are paying attention. You can do this by raising your eyebrows, nodding and making 'interested' noises.

8 Pause

If you want her to be hanging on your every word, try the magic pause. Use this sparingly, in the middle of saying something interesting.  All you need to do is stop mid-sentence, pause for a couple of seconds and then continue.  This creates an air of mystery and intrigue and will force them to pay attention.

9 Don’t try and solve her problems

Not every woman is happy at this time of year and she may be feeling a bit down. Your job is to get to know her rather than reflecting on negative things. So change the subject and make her life a little better just by having you in it.

10 Remember romance

Women love the magic of Christmas, so use this to your advantage. Be creative on dates which plug in to these positive associates and bring you closer together. For example, ice skating is a perfect activity as it gives you the chance to hang on to each .other

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