How to Read Bedroom Body Language

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“In bed, when asleep, you can’t fake your body language – and neither can your other half,” says dating expert Hayley Quinn. “The way you sleep with your partner reveals a lot about your relationship.” It can also affect your health, so reassess your repose and reap the benefits. 


“Spooning is a protective gesture,” says Quinn. “If you’re the big spoon you enjoy taking the dominant role. But if you end up the little spoon it’s a sign she wants to look after you.”

Sleeping on your side might also reduce your chance of snoring and the increased risk of heart disease and stroke it brings.

Her head on your chest

“This represents her enjoying your manliness by drawing attention to one of your most masculine features.” You can emphasise this even more by building your pectoral muscles with slow dumbbell flyes, which force your chest to grow, providing an impressively firm pillow for your partner.

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“Rather than a lack of communication or interest, this shows a maturity of your love. It shows you’re both comfortable and relaxed in each other’s company.” It also means nobody gets unnecessarily woken up, promoting longer restorative REM sleep and more direct blood flow to your muscles.

Arms around her

“Typical in the honeymoon period. A full-arm embrace is a sign of ownership but it’s also highly romantic. After sex it increases your bond and builds intimacy.” At the same time it boosts levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin, which Swiss research has shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. 

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“This shows an eagerness to know everything about your new partner and a willingness for intimate conversation. Just beware morning breath.” To avoid it, drink milk after your evening meal – a study in the Journal Of Food Science found that doing so reduced noxious breath.