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The MF search for the best spa hotels for couples goes international with this stunning entry in the heart of Bali, Indonesia

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If you haven’t been, it’s highly likely that you envision the Indonesian island of Bali as a quiet idyllic spot in the south pacific. This is precisely what my better half and I thought as we made the long trip to the southern hemisphere, so you wouldn’t be alone in your thoughts. Upon landing and leaving the airport in a taxi we quickly realised that Bali was far more than just a lazy, beach ridden holiday spot, it was a busy, loud and thriving little place on a deceptively large island. After an 18-hour flight all we wanted to do was relax, lucky our first port of call was the magnificent Villa Kubu in Seminyak.

An island of calm

From the moment we were picked up by the Villa Kubu branded taxi the relaxation began. Weaving our way through the hoards of mopeds and cars it was hard to imagine anywhere that would be quiet in such a busy place. A few turns down some winding backstreets later and we were proved wrong as we pulled up to the gates of our island hideaway. Surrounded by lush greenery and comprising of 17 elegantly designed and architecturally unique luxury villas, all complete with private pools and with it’s own dedicated spa and restaurant, this is exactly where you want to be after a long and draining flight across the world.


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Our one-bedroom villa was perfect for a couple. Complete with a good-sized private pool, outdoor shower, marble stand-alone bath, small kitchen, sun-loungers and a ridiculously comfortable bed. It’s a beautiful and spacious little retreat that you only really need to leave for food (unless you get it delivered to the room) or a massage (which you can also have in the room.) Yep, this is luxury.

Let’s treat

It’s no exaggeration when I say that we only left Villa Kubu on two occasions during our three-day stay, and one of them was only for 10 minutes. Shortly after check-in we were escorted 1 minute from our door to the wonderful on-site spa, Spa Venus, where we were treated to a Balinese massage. Using a unique combination of stretching, acupressure and Swedish massage technique both my partner and I were in agreement that this was one of the best massages either of us had experienced. The perfect mixture of firm and soothing, they’re not too shy to get really stuck in like they can be on occasion in the UK.


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As well as massage treatments Villa Kubu also offer a number of pampering treatments, especially popular with my partner who opted for a pedicure and facial, which were performed at the same time, making her feel like an over pampered celeb. They also offer Cranio Sacral therapy; reiki and a number of specialist massage treatments and body scrubs. We were also lucky enough to experience the Far-Infrared sauna for the first time. It’s basically a sauna for those who cannot tolerate the high temperatures of standard humid hot-air saunas. Using Far-Infrared technology, this type of Sauna does not heat the air inside the sauna, but through the use of Far-Infrared Rays, its still heats the body. An amazingly unique and revitalizing experience, perfect for guys waiting around for their better half to finish her pampering session.

Dinner was no less amazing. Villa Kubu’s excellent Oasis restaurant blends Indonesian influences with Thai; Vietnamese and Western cuisines to make some particularly flavour infused dishes. There are also plenty of raw food options, as is the trend in Bali at present, for those who want to stay as healthy as possible. Couple this with some excellent freshly blended juices and a plethora of choice for both breakfast and lunch and you have a gastronomic treat as satisfying for the mind and body as the massages.


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Taken care of  

A trip to a destination spa hotel usually means that you’re looking to be pampered, and that’s exactly what we found at Villa Kubu. The staff were welcoming, friendly and often went far beyond the call of duty to ensure that our stay was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Bali is awash with spas, hotels and massage parlours but you’d do well to find one that ticks as many boxes as Villa Kubu. The perfect place to stay for a couple or a family, they can comfortably accommodate most groups in one of their stunning villas. Bali is a beautiful place, with lots to see and do, from jungle treks to surfing some of the best waves in the world, but you’d be forgiven for missing it all for the chance to soak up all of what Villa Kubu has to offer. 

MF Verdict – 5/5 

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