Up for some first-person lovin'?

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Swedish sports brand Björn Borg has chosen to launch their Spring/Summer 2015 collection through an online game. But this isn't just some embarrassing Candy Crush or Angry Birds knock-off, The First Person Lover Game is a full-on first-person shooter, just without the shooting. Or at least the bullets.

Instead, you fire kisses, give people hugs and generally spread the love in an ingenious reaction to the popularity of violence as the main from of interaction in so many computer games. It also can't just be a coincidence that Bjorn Borg's game was announced shortly after the charmingly titled Hatred, a game that tasks you with killing anything and everything because… y'know… hate and that.

It's not all hugs and kisses, though. The First Person Lover Game is a new approach in fashion marketing in which you can both wear and shop their new collection, with in-game purchases able to translate to real-life.

The press release says: ‘The game lets the player equip their character with the new Björn Borg collection and fight the forces of evil with the power of love. Equipped with a love glove, you fight your enemies with e.g. a hologram kiss blower, a flower petal thrower or rainbow caster and colourise the city and their opponents by dressing them in Björn Borg clothing. Some key pieces in the collection will give the player special power to show the functionality of the garment in a relevant way.’

Sounds like an interesting idea, but is it any fun? Find out for yourself now. The First Person Lover Game is free of charge and playable at firstpersonlover.com

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