The cheap 7 day fat-loss meal-plan

fat-loss meal-plan
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Breakfast Scrambled eggs cooked in butter, two apples Lunch Grated carrot and courgette coleslaw covered in spicy cooked mince Dinner Lamb’s neck baked with rosemary and garlic, sweet potato and broccoli Snack Chocolate milk


Breakfast Courgette and red onion omelette Lunch Two tuna and tomato pittas Dinner Gammon joint (slow cooked as pulled pork) with spicy lentils Snack Vegetable sticks (hummus optional)


Breakfast Porridge with semi-skimmed milk and three poached eggs Lunch Brown rice salad with cooked onions and leftover gammon Dinner Prawn, onion, green bean, sweetcorn and garlic stir-fry Snack Banana and a spoonful of peanut butter


Breakfast Sausages, two poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, banana Lunch Tinned mackerel, carrot sticks, monkey nuts, apple Dinner Pork steaks with mashed spicy kidney beans, grilled mushrooms with garlic Snack Green tea with a bowl of part-defrosted berries


Breakfast Greek yoghurt, ground almonds, banana and honey Lunch Cooked mince, chickpeas, onions and garlic in olive oil with salad Dinner Turkey, courgette, onion and broccoli curry with coconut milk Snack Cottage cheese


Breakfast Braised steak, spinach and mushrooms, apple Lunch Chicken thighs, sweet potato and broccoli in garlic and olive oil Dinner Liver and onions in gravy with sweet potato mash Snack Two sausages and an apple


Breakfast Whey protein, peanut butter and frozen berry smoothie Lunch Cold sausages, vegetable sticks and cottage cheese, banana Dinner Salmon steak, broccoli and carrots, baked potato Snack Monkey nuts, green tea, carrot sticks

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