Five Brilliant Unhealthy-To-Healthy Meal Hacks From @SkinnyTaste

Nobody ever shed their gut by eating brownies, nachos and pizza. Not unless they’ve been paying close attention to @SkinnyTaste, that is.

In what might be the smartest, most forehead-slappingly brilliant collection of cookery hacks we’ve ever stumbled across, healthy-eating food lover Gina Homolka shows that embarking on a diet needn’t mean kissing goodbye to your favourite foods. With just a few minor tweaks and, dare we say it, improvements, many of your cheat day staples get a promotion to clean-living winners on her colourful Instagram account. Sure, it sounds too good to be true – but read on, and you’ll see the barely believable is well within your reach…

Add A Touch Of Turkey

Turkey – dry at Christmas, even drier when you’re trying your best to eat it as part of a calorie-cutting diet. This incredible-sounding Asian meatball recipe is reason enough to ditch the beef and give the giant winged hell-beast another chance, though, with less than 50 calories per ball. Amazing.

Pick Up A Packed Pepper

Nachos, minus tortilla chips, plus peppers, equals two thumbs up. Get the recipe on the Skinny Taste website.

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Free Yourself From Flour’s Power

We now live in a world where scoffing brownies is a viable part of a healthy diet – at least, when they’re these low-fat, gluten-free, moist treats that hide a mere 144 calories each. Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

Ditch The Dough, Chuck In Some Chicken

All the glorious greatness of pizza, but without that “there’s a small shipping container in my belly” feeling. Instead of loading up a doughy disc with your cheese, tomato and pepperoni, slam it into some chicken instead. Sounds good, huh? Here’s how you do it.

Kick The Calories With Crab

One way to really crack into the calorie count is a spot of brunching. We’ll hedge our bets and wager that you won’t find a healthier, more delicious take on the classic eggs Benedict than this.

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