Power baguette

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When it comes to building muscle, carbohydrates are just as important as protein. That’s because carbs are your major fuel for lifting weights. Munch this baguette at least an hour before you hit the gym and, with its combination of carbs both high and low on the glycaemic index (GI), it will raise your insulin levels, driving protein and energy into your muscle cells and encouraging muscle growth and energy.

To make

Slice half a baguette lengthways and scoop out the bread from the top and bottom. Spread 90g of hummus in the hollow base. Add two sliced tomatoes, 2tbsp of shredded fresh basil and a handful of sliced chicken breast and season with black pepper.


A French stick has the highest GI rating of all breads so the carbohydrates will be released rapidly into the bloodstream and give you the energy reserves you need.


Rich in fibre and high in protein, this chickpea-based spread is low GI so will counterbalance the baguette, slowing the release of glucose and providing you with a slower burn.


These cancer-busters are loaded with vitamin C, which will help your body form strong tendons, ligaments and bone tissue in preparation for a hardcore gym session.


Basil is an excellent source of vitamin K, which will protect your heart and regulate the body’s calcium – essential for healthy bones.


The B vitamins found in chicken, especially niacin, will release energy from digested foods and help your body to maintain consistent blood glucose levels. Chicken is also a great source of lean protein.

Lucy Miller
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Lucy Miller is an experienced journalist who has worked across a range of health and fitness titles. She was the fitness and nutrition editor at Men’s Fitness UK, and has also been fitness editor of both Health & Fitness UK and Women’s Fitness UK. Lucy qualified as a NASM-certified personal trainer and nutritionist in 2008.