How many calories are there in a Chinese takeaway?

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'Avoid the prawn crackers and opt for chicken and sweetcorn soup, because starting with soup can cut the calories you eat in your main meal by around 12 per cent,' says nutritionist Fiona Kirk. 'For your main, choose grilled or steamed fish with lightly stir-fried veg. You should also use the chopsticks, because they will slow down the pace at which you eat.'
Send it back: Sweet and sour pork balls
Pork covered in batter and deep fried is not surprisingly high in saturated fat. Combining it with the sugary sauce and high-GI fried rice will also promote fat storage.
Calories: 700  Saturated fat: 11g
Order it: Grilled king prawns with garlic and ginger
This spicy dish is low in saturated fat and sugar. Ginger also aids digestion and improves circulation.
Calories: 130  Saturated fat: 1.5g

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