Honey taste test

Honey is a great pre-workout food. Its unrefined sugars are easily absorbed into the body, while its simple carbohydrates provide an excellent source of energy without any of the artificial preservatives, colourings or sweeteners found in commercial energy drinks and gels. Produced all over the world, the taste, colouring and consistency of honey can vary greatly depending on the plants and flowers supplying the pollen and the environment in which they live.

Rowse Acacia honey - 3/5
Clear and thin with a light, syrupy taste that’s bordering on bland.
£4.28 for 340g

Gale's Blossom honey - 4/5
Incredibly runny with a rich golden colour, this tastes fresh and natural.
£3.99 for 340g

De Rit organic clover honey - 5/5
A pleasant, light taste and a creamy texture that makes it easy to spread.
£4.99 for 450g

Rowse Australian eucalyptus honey - 3/5
This has a rich flavour with hints of sun-dried vine fruits that are slightly overpowering.
£3.96 for 340g

Comvita UMF 10+ Manuka honey - 4/5
It isn’t cheap, but it tastes great and has proven antibacterial powers.
£16.49 for 500g

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