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Make your shopping list more healthy | Men's Fitness UK
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Ditch cheesy dips
Buy guacamole
 While both are high in fat, the fats found in guacamole are of the healthy variety and are essential for the body to absorb certain fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and D. US research has also shown that avocado (the main ingredient in guacamole) is great for boosting satiety, as its high oleic acid content is converted by the body into oleoylethanolmide (OEA), a fatty acid which helps to ward off hunger pangs.
Ditch potatoes
Buy sweet potatoes
 Eating a baked sweet potato instead of a traditional baked potato will cause your blood sugar levels to rise approximately 30 per cent less, which means they’re less likely to crash after an hour and leave you hungry again. Sweet potatoes are also high in immunity-boosting vitamin A and the powerful antioxidant betacarotene, which helps to lower cholesterol in the blood and maintain a healthy heart.
Ditch fruit yoghurts
Buy natural Greek yoghurt
 Greek yoghurt contains around twice as much muscle-building protein as regular yoghurt with only half the carbs. Better still, it’s low in fat and free from the added sugar and sweeteners often found in fruit yoghurts. It’s also low on the glycaemic index (GI), which means it will keep your blood sugar levels steady while maintaining energy levels and putting an end to sugar cravings.

Ditch white rice
Buy brown rice
 Brown rice contains three times more fibre than its white counterpart, keeping you feeling full for longer as well as helping to maintain general digestive health. The brown version is also a good source of magnesium, which has been found to raise energy levels, and vitamin B6, which boosts your metabolism.
Ditch cheddar cheese
Buy cottage cheese
 Not only is cottage cheese dramatically lower in both calories and fat than cheddar, but it’s also full of casein, a protein that’s digested slowly in the body and provides long-lasting energy. A study in the Netherlands found that a high-casein diet led to increased metabolism – meaning better fat-burning – and satiety levels.
Ditch chocolate spread
Buy peanut butter
 While no less indulgent than chocolate spread, peanut butter is incredibly healthy, thanks to its high levels of monounsaturated fat, which can help

you to lose weight. A study from Purdue University in the US found that eating peanut butter could boost feelings of fullness and reduce hunger levels for up to two and a half hours, while its high protein content is great for building muscle. It’s worth spending extra on the organic variety to ensure you get all the good-fat benefits without consuming any additional hydrogenated fat.

Ditch breakfast cereal
Buy porridge
 Although they’re often touted as being healthy, breakfast cereals can actually be the complete opposite – many varieties contain high levels of sugar. Porridge on the other hand is an excellent fuel for your daily activities, combining high levels of muscle-building protein and filling fibre with wholegrain carbohydrates that are released slowly into your bloodstream to help sustain your energy levels throughout the morning.
Ditch hamburgers
Buy Quorn burgers
 Although both are high in protein, Quorn mince is typically 75 per cent lower in fat and saturated fat than even lean beef mince and contains very few calories. Mycoprotein – the main ingredient in Quorn – is also high in dietary fibre, which is important for your digestive system and contains no cholesterol. In fact, studies published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition have found that Quorn may even help to lower cholesterol levels.
Ditch ice cream
Buy frozen yoghurt
 If you’re partial to sweet puddings and dairy, choose frozen yoghurt as a healthy alternative to ice cream because it contains significantly less fat and fewer calories. It’s also a great source of calcium, which is vital for healthy bones.

Ditch black tea
Buy green tea
 Green tea has been shown to trigger similar levels of alertness as black tea, despite having only a third of the caffeine, while it also contains significantly higher levels of polyphenols – chemicals with potent antioxidant properties that can help your muscles to recover faster. Research from the University of Birmingham also found that drinking green tea 24 hours before hitting the gym could increase your fat-burning rates by up to 17 per cent, thanks to the heat effect that its catechins produce in your body.
Ditch battered cod fillets
Buy tuna steaks
 While cod isn’t unhealthy in itself, buying it pre-battered and deep-fried in vegetable oil dramatically increases the amount of saturated fat and calories you’ll be consuming. Stick to grilled tuna steaks for a healthier option. Not only is tuna high in selenium, a mineral that helps to kill off harmful free radicals which interfere with muscle growth, it’s also full of protein to help you build muscle.

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