Tomato soup taste test

Tomato soup
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Tomato soup is packed with immunity-boosting vitamin C and filling fibre and is also rich in lycopene, which helps to protect your cells from the effects of damaging free radicals.

New Covent Garden Food Company Plum Tomato & Basil

The texture is creamy, while the flavour is understated but very enjoyable.
Salt 0.3g per 100g
Sugar 4.9g per 100g

£2 for 600g

Tomato & Basil

While you can certainly taste the basil, this suffers from an otherwise bland flavour and a distinct shortage of tomato chunks.
Salt 0.3g per 100g
Sugar 4.1g per 100g

£1.75 for 600g

Yorkshire Provender Tomato, Wensleydale, Red Pepper & Rosemary

Generous chunks of cheese complement the rosemary in this mouth-watering soup.
Salt 0.3g per 100g
Sugar 3.6g per 100g

£2.29 for 600g

Tesco Tomato
 & Basil

With large chunks of tomato and a hint of pepper, this great-value soup is simple, tasty and filling.
Salt 0.3g per 100g
Sugar 4.9g per 100g

£1.50 for 600g

Waitrose Tomato
 & Fresh Basil
Brimming with basil, this soup is certainly not lacking in flavour, but the consistency is a bit watery.
Salt 0.2g per 100g
Sugar 5.4g per 100g

£1.32 for 600g

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