The top food-tracking websites for fitness

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This is the McDonald’s site dedicated to answering questions about its food, principles and practices is very much open to customer questions – everything from ‘What cuts of meat do you use?’ to ‘Have your milkshakes ever contained whale blubber?’ is tackled. You can also – as we did (see MF January 2012) – apply to one visit one of the McD’s farms, if you want.
With the likes of England rugby nutritionist Matt Lovell among its fans, Athleat provides 100% grass-fed steaks and beef jerky, meaning that its meat is packed with vital omega 3 fatty acids. It also delivers fast, so the meat can go from cow to doorstep in 72 hours. For a 10% discount on your Athleat order, use the promo code mensfitness on the checkout page.
The easiest way to get directly in touch with local food producers. Just type in your postcode, your preferred type of meat/veg, and buy your meat online.
Tesco’s Real Food site allows you to tap in your postcode and see the Tesco food that is locally sourced from your area.
Visit the Buy Organic section of this site for a list of local providers that deliver local, seasonal, organic fruit and veg. There’s also a section on organically certified restaurants and cafes in your area.
Check out the RSPCA’s standards on animal welfare, as well as a list of its recommended retailers, on this comprehensive website
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