Club sandwich: 10-minute meal

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Enjoying a club sandwich needn’t require a trip to Greggs. This healthy recipe includes freshly cooked chicken and bacon for maximum flavour, but it’s still quick and easy enough that you can make it at home.


½ chicken breast / 1tbsp olive oil / 2 rashers lean bacon / 3 slices chunky wholemeal bread / ½ avocado, sliced / 1 tomato, sliced / 25g lettuce, chopped / 1tsp Greek yoghurt

  • Butterfly the chicken, brush with olive oil and grill under a medium heat for eight minutes or until cooked throughout, turning halfway through.
  • Grill the bacon for five to seven minutes, turning halfway through.
  • Lightly toast the bread.
  • Assemble the sandwich to your preference, spreading the Greek yoghurt on the underside of the top slice of bread.

Ingredient breakdown

Chicken is an excellent source of lean protein and vitamin B3, which helps to prevent fat storage.
Avocado is packed with mono- and polyunsaturated fats for a healthier heart.
Tomato contains plenty of vitamin C, which helps your body to form strong tendons, ligaments and bone tissue.
Greek yoghurt has twice the muscle-building protein of standard low-fat yoghurt and just half the carbs.

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