Healthy club sandwich: 10-minute meal

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Legend has it that the mighty club sandwich, like so many enduring meals, was invented by a hungry gent slinging together everything he had in his kitchen. That man obviously had a well-stocked fridge – the combination of chicken, bacon, fruit and veg is ideal for keeping you alert and happy, as well as building muscle. In this version, we’ve made the club sandwich even better by including a few healthy extras. Scoff and grow.


3 thin slices of wholemeal toast / 2 rashers of smoked back bacon / ½ a chicken breast, grilled and sliced / ½ an avocado / 1 tomato / Handful of spinach / 1tbsp onion jam

To make

  • - Grill the sliced chicken breast for four minutes each side under a medium heat.
  • - Grill the bacon for three minutes on each side. 
  • - Cut the tomato and avocado into four thick slices each.
  • - Toast the bread and spread half the onion jam on the first layer.
  • - Add a layer of chicken and bacon, then a second layer of toast. Spread it with the remaining onion jam.
  • - Add a layer of avocado, tomato and spinach followed by the final layer of toast. Press it, slice it and serve.

The nutritional value 

Bacon contains 12g of muscle-building protein per 100g, as well as testosterone-boosting zinc.

Avocado is high in heart- healthy fats and a variety of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

Wholemeal Bread provides filling fibre and energy-sustaining slow-release carbs.

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