Fat-fighting berry and spinach muscle smoothie

Fat-fighting berry and spinach muscle smoothie
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1.5 scoops of protein powder
1 cup fresh spinach
1 cup frozen mixed berries
2 teaspoons cacao nibs
1 tablespoon goji berries
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
300mg semi-skimmed milk

Why you should have it
Protein is broken down for fuel during exercise and will help your muscles build and repair after a big session in the gym. Spinach is both low calorie and packed with iron, which helps to pump blood to your muscles during a workout. It's rammed with calcium too, which contributes to bone, ligament and tendon strength. Goji berries have a low GI, meaning they convert to blood sugar slowly, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.
The high fibre content of mixed berries also makes you feel nicely full. They're rich in antioxidants too, which means they protect your body against free radical damage caused by training. Cacao nibs contain high levels of magnesium, which help the heart pump blood to needy muscles, and a natural anti-depressant called PEA. Cinnamon is a great source of manganese, fibre, iron, and calcium, helping to promote healthy levels of cholesterol in the body, aiding digestion and reducing blood sugar levels so your body burns fat more efficiently.

We made this smoothie with the Cuisinart Elite Power Blender, which is available from John Lewis.