#TeamSony: Amanda Khouv’s Tough Mudder blog 2

As much as I'd like to keep my head in the sand about having actually signed up to take on 12 miles of running uphill and tackling obstacles, there's been loads happening in the last few weeks that just won't let me forget it. All of us taking part in #TeamSony have had a 'spotlight' video shoot where we basically acted super-tough on camera with the company of loads of straw, wind and of course, mud. The bootcamp shoot we did at the Wild Forest Gym in Brentwood was really exciting but also made me realise just how much work I need to do before August. So, I enlisted the help of personal trainer and owner of Ignite PT, Giacomo Farci. Unlike most personal trainers whose main goal is to beast every one of their clients, Giacomo really helped me to focus on correcting my body to be able to run the Tough Mudder with as much efficiency as possible. Focusing on my underactive glutes and instability in my ankles will really help me to channel my energy to the right muscle groups. That being said, the sessions are still really challenging, and have introduced a new way for me to work out that don't just involve going hell for leather.

George Anderson's tips on breathing while I run have also been a game-changer in helping me last longer out on my runs as well learning to remain calm. I've experienced virtually no stitches, which is a usual complaint of mine while running, and the in shift in focus from distance to time has given me a new goal. I'm aiming to head out for a little longer every time.

Another thing that's really improving is my sleep, and that's down to a great function I've discovered on the Sony SmartBand Talk that allows you to set an alarm within a time frame rather than a specific minute. Instead of shocking your body into awake-mode with a piercing sound, the wristband gently vibrates at the point within the time period when you're in the lightest sleep – meaning you wake up gently and don't experience the grogginess you would do being woken up amidst a heavy sleep. This has really boosted my morning workouts, allowing me to feel fresher and generally more up for it first thing. I still wouldn't call myself an early riser, but it's something.

With not long to go now, I'm really starting to hone in on my nutrition, too, to ensure I'm not taking in too many empty calories in the lead-up. Carrying around too much extra weight is only going to make my run feel longer and body harder to shift around obstacles. With only a few weeks to go, I really need to tackle this from as many angles as possible!

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