Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide to Getting Healthy at Any Age

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Few men know more about muscle than Arnold. Despite his advancing years, the former multiple-time Mr. Universe still puts men half his age to shame in the gym. Don’t believe us? Watch his new film, Sabotage, which features an epic training scene where the 66-year-old performs single-arm rows and pull-overs with a monstrous dumbbell.

Here Arnie explains how to get the most out of your gym sessions in later life.

1. Choose your weapons

‘As you get older you get more injuries, so you have to adjust the weights you’re lifting,’ says Schwarzenegger. ‘Certain barbell exercises you can't do any more, but you can work the same muscles using machines instead.’

2. Combine your cardio

‘You should always try and go from one exercise to the next without stopping. That way you combine your lifting with cardiovascular training to get more out of your workout.’

3. Go full-body

‘I always do full-body workouts now. The clips in Sabotage show me working my chest and back, but in a full session I’d combine them with squats, calf raises and some arms and shoulders work.’ This saves time and means that you’re training lots of muscle groups without hammering any of them too much.

4. Set yourself targets

‘Training might be harder, but if your goal is always in front of you then it’s fun. You’ve got to believe in yourself, have a very clear vision and a fire in your belly and not be shy of working hard.’

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