What to expect at the Optimum Fitness Challenge


Are you taking the Optimum Fitness Challenge? Then you need to watch this video in which event coordinator Nick Hutchings talks us through all the moves that have been set for next month's challenge.

It's everything you need to know ahead of the event being held on 18th April so you can be fully prepared. Good luck!

The Optimum Fitness Challenge

500m row, level 10
20 burpee pull-ups
250m row, level 10
20 trusters, 40kg
125m row, level 10
20 med ball sit-ups, 9kg

Our tester completed it in 9min 47sec. The cut-off time for the challenge is 12min.

The prize

■ The Optimum Fitness Challenge title

■ A year’s worth of Optimum Nutrition sports nutrition products

■ Top-drawer fitness gear

■ The chance to appear in Men’s Fitness

In the first stage, a qualifier‚ on 18th April, 60 entrants will be asked to complete a multistage workout including a number of tough strength- and endurance-based exercises. The top 20 athletes will qualify for the final. For the final, you’ll need to be proficient at allthe major lifts and bodyweight moves and to be comfortable rowing, running and cycling at a high intensity. 

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