15 Powerful Emotions Only People Who Run To Work Will Recognise

Running Emotions
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When you (just about) resist slacking off to the pub with workmates and stick with your plan to run home, like a total stoic champ.

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2. When you’ve tied one trainer noticeably tighter than the other and you’re trying to not let it send you mental.


3. When you’re so focused and full of adrenaline that an out-of-nowhere siren, dog bark or motorbike rev results in a minor cardiac arrest.


4.When you realise you haven’t eaten enough carbs to get you to your destination and you’re gonna be running on farts and fumes from this point onwards.


5. When you spontaneously give a fellow runner a weird little nod-and-salute, leaving them confused and you cringe-ridden.


6. When you sail past a stuck-in-traffic bus rammed with sorrowful faces, all of them gazing upon your lithe, sprightly form with baleful envy. (In your head, anyway.)

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7. When you realise that summer’s just kicked in and you’re fatally overdressed for running in this infernal, parching heat.

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8. When you’re totally in the zone, only to you come to your senses and realise that you’re in... wait... where the gentle Jesus are you, exactly?


9. When your foot touches what can only be a colleague’s pube in the work showers.


10. When you’re utterly at one with the concrete streets and you’ve passed into a higher state of hyper-aware consciousness (ommmmm).

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11. When you pass someone at a traffic light and you feel honour-bound to stay ahead of them.

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12. When everyone else is bundled up in coats and you’re perfectly toasty in a barely-there running tee.


13. When your office or home is in sight and you get a final burst of knife-hands turbo-energy.

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14. When you’re still 3km from your destination and your bowels twitch ominously.


15. When you step into a steaming hot shower after a particularly epic run involving sideways rain, a lingering stitch, chafing shorts and several pavement-rage near-misses.

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