Exclusive Andre Winner interview

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You’re fighting Roli Delgado. What do you see as his strengths in that match-up?
His Jiu-Jitsu’s obviously his biggest strength, but he’s a game fighter, which is sometimes a strength and sometimes a weakness. He can get dragged into battles, sometimes, when he doesn’t need to. But he’s a tough guy, mentally and physically. It’ll be a tough fight – but I’m confident in myself.

When Delgado was on the Ultimate Fighter, there was some dispute over his Jiu-Jitsu credentials. Have you been impressed by what you’ve seen of his grappling?
I’ve seen his previous fights and I don’t really buy into that all too much. He’s definitely got a dangerous ground game, so I’m not taking this fight lightly.

What are you focusing on in preparation for the fight?
My training’s going well. I’ve had a couple of niggles that held me back a few months ago, but I’m strong and confident. I’ve been trying to concentrate on my Jiu-Jitsu.

How did you get into MMA in the first place?
I went down to a Leicester gym to help a friend get ready for a fight and met Dan Hardy and Paul Daley. I’d always trained and I’d seen the UFC, but they kind of inspired me to take it that step further. Sometimes you can’t see the path ahead.

What’s your prediction for Saturday’s fight?
I’d say that if I don’t knock him out or TKO him sometime during the fight, he’s going to look a mess by the end of it.
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