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You started your martial arts training in Shaolin kung fu, which is pretty unusual for an MMA fighter. Do you feel like it’s helped you?
Definitely, there are lots of things you gain from traditional martial arts, such as timing, distancing, speed, flexibility and agility.

We’ve also heard that you used to be a professional gambler…
Yeah, I started gambling when I was about 15. I only really stopped doing that this year because I won a place on season nine of TUF (The Ultimate Fighter TV show).

You used to train at London Pancrase, but you’ve recently moved to Team Rough House. Can you tell us how that came about?
Pancrase closed in December 2008 because the owner (and UFC veteran) Jess Liaudin decided to train outside of the UK. After that, moving to Rough House was the obvious choice because lots of well-known and successful fighters, such as Dan HardyPaul Daley and ‘Judo’ Jim Wallhead, train there.

You’re fighting Matt Riddle next. What are you expecting from that fight?
He's a wrestler so I’m expecting him to try to take me down and grind out a boring decision. That’s what he’s done in most of his fights.

Riddle managed one impressive knockout during season six of The Ultimate Fighter. Do you think he might try to stand up with you ?
He might, but after a few seconds it’s going to become clear that I’m the better striker. Even if he does take me down he'll be in for a shock because I'm very comfortable on the ground - most of my wins have come by submission.

Where do you see your career going over the next couple of years?
I just want to get more wins, make more of a name for myself and become a more confident and complete fighter. I’d like to follow in the footsteps of Dan Hardy, who’s 3-0 at the moment in the UFC and one win away from a shot at the title.

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