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You’re 46, and your opponent at UFC 105 on 14th November – Brandon Vera – is 32. Can you really keep up with these younger guys?
Yeah, by taking care of myself and being unpredictable. I’ve been training with a new grappling coach, Neil Willenson, for about six months and it's totally changed the way I fight.

You’re dropping weight for this fight. How does the transition between heavyweight and light-heavy affect your fitness and style of fighting?
I don't let weight changes have an impact on my fitness level. You have to be strategic when you go in against the bigger guys, that’s the main difference.

The man to beat at 205lbs is Lyoto Machida. If you’re successful in this fight, would you like to fight him?
I'd love to. I like watching him fight because his style’s very unique. Aside from Shogun, nobody’s come close to being able to handle him but I can see a way of beating him.

Are your preparations for the fight over?
No, I’ll train every night this week at fight time – about 10pm. I weigh about 216lbs right now, I’ll cut ten pounds water weight on Friday for the weigh-in, then come in at 216lbs for the fight.

Who’s your pick for the Swick/Hardy fight?
I trained a lot with Swick on the first season of the Ultimate Fighter. I’ve enjoyed following his career and watching him progress as a fighter – he’s a tough kid. I’m leaning towards him a little bit.

What’s your prediction for your own fight?
I’m not big on predictions – it’s a fight, anything can happen. If I let him find his rhythm, Vera's going to be dangerous. I have to make him wrestle me.

We caught up with Couture at Lillywhites, central London, where he was launching the Randy Couture Everlast equipment and apparel collection. To check it out, go to www.sportsdirect.com.

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