UFC Undisputed 3 UFC 142 prediction

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What happened in the game sim

On Saturday night, UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo is taking on Chad Mendes. The Brazilian title-holder is a lethal striker and possesses world-class BJJ skills, while the American challenger is a superb wrestler with joint-popping submissions. 

On paper you might expect Aldo – with his greater experience and better all-round game – to dominate, but in the 25 matches the highly realistic UFC Undisputed 3 simulator ran for this bout, Mendes won the first round 80% of the time with his come-forward style and explosive takedowns. 

But the fight soon swung back the other way because Mendes couldn't compete with the devastating number of strikes the explosive Aldo threw. In fact, over the 25 games, Aldo struck a whopping 52% more than Mendes and that explains why he won 14 of the 25 matches – you can only get punched in the head so many times before you get into serious trouble.

What's going to happen in the real fight

Mendes is a rapidly improving striker and has some of the best wrestling in the division. But while he will offer Aldo one of the sternest tests of his career, the champ's lightning-fast hands and feet, elite-level BJJ and considerable takedown defence should be too much for Mendes. We think he'll win via UD.

The game

This is just one of the great battles you can play in UFC Undisputed 3. If you agree with our prediction, why not play as Aldo, get past Mendes and take on all the other title contenders in the division to see if your man truly deserves to be at the top of the pile. There are more than 150 playable fighters and all the best guys in the featherweight division - including Chan-Sung JungRoss Pearson and Uriah Faber - are available for you to play or take on.

But bags of characters aren't the only reason you need to get your hands on the game as soon as it comes out on 17th February 2012. As well as great graphics and eye-popping camera angles, the game has a new FINISH THE FIGHT submission system and loads of cool online offerings.

For more on the game, go to ufcundisputed.com. And look out for it in shops from 17th February 2012.

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