On my mind - Carl Froch interview

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Yusaf Mack
My next opponent. I say the same thing about every opponent: I’ve got to beat him. Simple as that. That’s all he means to me.

I thought that fight was great. It was a fight that could have gone either way and I lost. But Mikkel Kessler is a great man. He’s a gentleman. He’s a proud warrior. When I think of Kessler, I’d invite him round to my house for dinner. I talk to him every two or three weeks. We have a little conversation. He’s fighting Brian Magee next. I like Kessler. He’s a friend. He has a good effect on me.

Rocco and Rachel
Rachel and Rocco are the most important people in my life. They both have a positive effect on me and make me smile.
Alan Green
Mediocre, average fighter, He’s a nice enough fella, but an average fighter.

Home town advantage
It’s exactly what they say it is. It gives you a lift and more positive energy when you fight. Look at my last fight, against Lucian Bute. I became IBF champion, a three-time world champion, all in front of my home crowd. The arena was packed to the rafters. The atmosphere was electric, it was unbelievable. To become three-time world champion is history in the making. It was legendary stuff.
It’s what you’ve achieved, what’s down in the record books, who you’ve fought. They respect you for that throughout your career. I’ll probably most be remembered for always chasing the biggest fight, not ducking anyone. I’ll be remembered as a tough man who wasn't scared of anybody.

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