Try Timbersports For Free This March

You’ve got the grizzly beard (or, at least, have the follicular might to grow one). You’ve got more plaid shirts than your wardrobe can handle. And thanks to many a misspent Saturday afternoon in front of the television, you’ve built enough knowledge from Bear and Ray to thrive in a forest.

But have you got the physical skill to call yourself a woodsman? That’s the very question lumberjack sports competition, STIHL Timbersports, wants to answer. And they’re coming to a sawdust-strewn venue near you to find out.

In a bid to find the next generation of pro axe wielders, chainsaw wranglers, saw meisters and more, STIHL are asking wannabe lumberjacks, both with and without experience, to hit up any of their three tour dates through March and try training with the current British pro team.

Participants will receive a schooling in three events: stock saw, single buck and underhand chop. In the latter, you stand on a log and chop it with an axe from both sides. Watch out for your feet.

For the single buck discipline, you’re cutting through a log with a two-metre long saw.

And when they say stock saw, read chainsaw. (Awww yeah!)

If you impress, you’ll be invited to attend some further training, with the ultimate aim of getting you to compete in the STIHL Timbersports British Championship.

Like the sound of that, don’t you? You’re imagining the winner’s trophy on your mantelpiece right now, aren’t you? Looks good, doesn’t it? Looks powerful. A guy that doesn’t have to imagine said trophy is Scott Fowkes, a 23-year-old from Knighton in Wales, who attended a taster sesh last year and went on to win 2016’s British Rookie Championship. That could be you this year!

The 2017 taster weekends will be swinging its way into Guildford’s Merrist Wood College (4th-5th March), Shropshire’s Harper Adam’s Uni (18th-19th March), and Edinburgh’s Oatridge College (25th-26th March). If you want to get involved place your clicking fingers here to submit an entry form. Applications are being accepted until 5th February 2017. Hurry now, chop chop.

Craft beer drinker, Devonian, fisherman and former content director of Coach online, Chris contributed style coverage and features between 2016 and 2019.