The 5 New Sportswear Brands You’ll Want to Get a Piece of


Ignore the punny name – the brainchild of drum and bass DJ turned hot yoga evangelist Goldie is one of the few yoga brands primarily aimed at men. This top sums up what Yogangster is all about. A breath of fresh urban air in an area of fitness usually filled with holier-than-thou types trying to out Mother Earth each other.


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“Whatever we make has to be a game changer,” says Stuart Brooke, founder of this as-yet little-known British sports brand. It makes running, cycling and triathlon stuff and everything’s made from bespoke fabrics that blend the best fibres for the job. They use a lot of merino wool. A lot. But when the clothes are as comfy as this running sweatshirt, who are we to question their wisdom?  


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Iffley Road

The name comes from the track where Roger Bannister ran the first ever recorded sub-four-minute mile, and this history is reflected in the design. The Longer Hampton shorts look like old private-school PE kit, but they have modern technical features such as mesh material. They’re also available in white if you fancy going all Chariots of Fire.


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Although based in LA, this forward-thinking lot make plenty of clothing that will withstand the British winter. Aether specialises in top-quality versions of simple, everyday clothing. Take this beanie. It looks typical, but it’s made from cashmere and feels so damn good on your head that you run the risk of being one of those indoor hat-wearing weirdos.         


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Café Du Cycliste

Helped by the success of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, cycling has gone from enthusiast pastime to mainstream activity. Brands such as Café Du Cycliste cater for this popularity by producing clothes designed for the rigours of road riding that you could actually wear to the pub too. Light enough to pack into a pocket and stylish enough that people won’t be wondering where you’ve left your bike, the ultralight Madeleine jacket typifies the brand’s modern approach to design.


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Max Anderton

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