Wrist watch: Omega's limited edition James Bond watch

(Image credit: Unknown)

If playing GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 didn’t quite scratch the itch of being James Bond, then Omega’s latest offering will get you that little bit closer to double-0 status. (In terms of style, at least. There’s no self-destruct button or tranquiliser darts.) 

As you can see this isn’t some gaudy movie tie-in, a standard piece of kit with a logo stuck on the front. The watch takes its design cues from Omega’s Seamaster Aqua Terra, with subtle extra nods to the man himself. Chiefly, the second hand is emblazoned with the Bond family crest, while on the back of the watch the oscillating weight (the metal disc which winds the watch automatically) is shaped like the barrel of the gun we stare down at the start of each film.

Lastly, Omega watches are known for impressive antimagnetic resistance. The standard Aqua Terra boasted 15,000 Gauss resistance, which has been upped here to, wait for it, 15,007. Cue Bond theme playing…

It means 007 fans will recognise the flourishes, while watch aficionados will just appreciate your oh-so-stylish horological flair. If you want to pick one up, be quick about it. There are only 7,007 being made.

£4,785 goldsmiths.co.uk 

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