Festive Outfit Insta-Inspiration from Menswear Bloggers

(Image credit: Unknown)

Driving home for Christmas? We can almost feel the weight of 2015’s heavy workload lifting off your shoulders. A fortnight of no emails, no meetings, and no blood pressure-raising commute. All you’ve got to worry about now is wrapping those last-minute presents, eating all of the purple ones in the Quality Street tin, and looking as sharp as you can when you’re out and about this festive break.

To help with the latter, and no matter what you’ve got planned while you rest up before an even bigger 2016, these top menswear bloggers should serve as some sartorial inspiration for you…

If You’re Dressing for… A Windy Boxing Day Walk

Mat Buckets from Buckets And Spades blog is a pro at nailing the smart casual look, so much so that we asked him for a masterclass in the hard-to-nail dress code earlier in the year. Flicking through his blog and Instagram, we’ve also learned that he’s a dab hand at looking crisp while appearing prepared for anything the outdoors can throw at him. This Scandinavian-style get-up, complete with chunky boots, colour blocking layers and a pop of colour from his beanie, is what we want to throw on before stepping into the elements to work off the turkey dinner on 26th December. Find him on Instagram here.

If You’re Dressing for… An Afternoon on the Terraces

With plenty of Boxing Day footy fixtures this year, a trip to your local stadium is an ace way to forget about the sky-high mountains of washing-up you’re yet to get through. You can bet your last mince pie, though, that it’ll be frosty on those terraces, so wrapping up warm is a must. The answer? Take a tip from Matthew Zorpas and throw on 2015’s biggest trend, a shearling jacket. Everyone from Tom Ford to Acne to Burberry has produced their own take on winter’s hottest and toastiest item, making the sheepskin-collared coat a wardrobe must. Find him on Instagram here.

If You’re Dressing for… Your In-laws’ Christmas Party

Small talk with her parents, while juggling a glass of tepid cava and a fistful of pineapple and cheese cocktail sticks, is hard enough without having to worry about whether you look “presentable” enough for their pride and joy. And because there’s absolutely no hope in hell that we’d ever allow you to wear a tie during Christmas (save it for the office!), bloggers like The Every Day Man prove there’s only two things you need to keep it smart and casual this December: a crisp white button-down, and a grey wool jacket (this one’s from Next). Find him on Instagram here.

If You’re Dressing for… Some Long Overdue Beers with School Mates

Finally, your return to the motherland means your Old Boys’ Club WhatsApp group can be reunited for some face-to-face drinking time. But how to dress to mark this monumental occasion? A mix of successful but cool is what we’ll be aiming for, and we really like what Mr Hat from Hat About Town has done with his outfit here. A classic striped shirt, partnered with a basic but stand-out jacket, and a statement hat does the trick. It’s like the same old you the lads know and love, but with an injection of sartorial skill from your new life away from home. Find him on Instagram here.

If You’re Dressing for… An Encounter with Your Ex

Heading home is perfect for seeing old friends, but not so good for bumping into old flames. The way to prove to her you’re totally over it? Channel your inner hellraiser. A leather jacket, dark glasses and black jeans will show her you’re too busy breaking all the rules, looking pin-sharp and acting carefree to give two hoots about that messy break-up you had back in ’06, while adding an air of mystery to everything you’ve been up to since she threw all your clothes out of your flat window. Martell Campbell is your evidence. Find him on Instagram here.

Craft beer drinker, Devonian, fisherman and former content director of Coach online, Chris contributed style coverage and features between 2016 and 2019.