How to Get the Athleisure Look Right

Athleisure Look
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If you’re still working out in some old football shorts and a T-shirt you got free with your first ever online protein powder order, you need to update your lifting look. And while you’re at it, you might want to upgrade your entire wardrobe because “athleisure”, the admittedly pretty terrible term for clothing that can be worn both inside and outside of the gym, is in and it’s here to stay.

“Two or three years ago, the guy wearing a sweater, joggers and trainers to work was considered either the worst-dressed guy or the guy who just didn’t care about his appearance,” says sports fashion expert Suleman Kudus. “However, the emergence to tailored joggers and sweaters has allowed men to keep that sense of comfort while now being the coolest guy in the office. Key pieces on trend now are tailored joggers, designer trainers and lightweight bombers and sweaters.”

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Work on your balance

“It’s difficult to strike the perfect balance between sportswear and office clothing,” says Suleman. “I’d recommend keeping your outfit as simple as possible, sticking to basic colours. For example, a pair of black or navy tailored joggers, a white oxford shirt and some black or navy trainers would make a great look. It’s a simple but impactful look, providing both style and comfort.”

Dress for performance

“I adopt a ‘look good, feel good, perform better’ ethos,” says Suleman. “I think the best gym outfits combine darker colours on the bottom and brighter colours on the top. For example, black or grey shorts with compression leggings and a red or blue T-shirt. The trainers should either be black or grey or match the colour of your top. This says you’ve got style but you’re about to put in some work.”

Where to go

“If you’re looking for tailored joggers and technical trousers I’d definitely recommend Zara,” says Suleman. “For bombers and sweaters, COS has some amazing lightweight and well-crafted pieces. And top off any athleisure look with a pair of Lanvin or Balenciaga trainers, which are perfect to keep your outfit casual and stylish.”

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