King Of Shaves Explain How To Shave Properly

If you’re an adult male, you’ve probably shaved at some point in your life so we’ll assume that you know how to shave. But do you know how to shave properly? It turns out that we didn’t, since we picked up some useful tips from shaving brand King Of Shaves’ instructional video. Here are a few pointers that we picked up:

  1. Take 35-40 seconds to massage in the shave gel or cream. Spending time on this step will lift the pile of the beard off the face and you’ll catch more hairs with the razor.
  2. Rinse the blade after each pass to get rid of hair and the shave gel or cream that collects on the blade. This build up lifts the razor off the skin so it’s harder to achieve a close shave.
  3. Pushing hard on your skin with the razor won’t result in a closer shave, but more irritation.
  4. Use your fingers after your first pass to find any missed spots, you’ll be able to feel hairs that you can’t see.
  5. Shave with the grain, obviously, but if you have a problem achieving a close shave, go across the grain – you’ll get closer without tugging at the roots, one of the causes of razor rash.
  6. You know that trick barbers use to line up your sideburns, placing a finger on one sideburn to guide where to start shaving on the opposite side? Do that.
  7. The point of a post-shave moisturiser or balm is to protect the skin while it rebuilds the natural protection that you’ve removed by shaving. Do your face a favour and use one.

We’ll wager you’ve picked up a trick from these seven points even if you shave every day. And these are just the tips we picked out. Watch the video above for more and visit the King Of Shaves website to load up on shaving gear.

Coach Staff

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