You’ll Need A New Jacket Sooner Than You Think (Like, Now)

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Like Christmas, the season when a jacket becomes indispensible seems to come earlier and earlier each year. So it’s with impeccable timing (and yes, we are trying to goad the sun into returning and making us look like mugs) that two British labels have joined forces to release two stylish coats. Let us introduce you to the Hackett x Grenfell pea coat and Harrington jacket.


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Grenfell first started making outerwear in 1923 at its factory in east London, designing a new fabric to protect adventurer, doctor and missionary Sir Wilfred Grenfell from the elements. The outerwear cut from this cloth was later spotted on the backs of everybody from mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts to Hollywood legends including Cary Grant and Gregory Peck.

Hackett has taken this waterproof yet breathable material and crafted two jackets based on classic styles: the pea coat, favoured by the British Navy for protection from the wet and wind (remind anyone of our unfavourable climate?); and the Harrington, a stylish, more lightweight jacket, which memorably graced the shoulders of James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause.

Hackett has added its own signature to each coat with a camouflage lining to both, a pattern that’s exclusive to the younger brand.

Both jackets are available in khaki or navy and made at the Grenfell factory in London. The Hackett x Grenfell pea coat is £595 while the Harrington is £495.

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