If You’ve Never Owned A Pair Of Adidas Gazelles, Here’s The Perfect Excuse

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Copenhagen label Wood Wood is well worth checking out for its high-quality, unfussy, functional streetwear, with clear Scandinavian and sportswear influences thrown into the beguiling mix.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the brand has worked with Adidas (which it has collaborated with in the past) on a limited-edition Gazelle sneaker, probably one of the most successful and culturally relevant trainers ever (Google it and we guarantee you will spend a good 20 minutes, minimum, reading up on its history).

This up-to-date black and white model is made from a luxurious long-haired suede upper, features a customised tongue to mark Wood Wood’s anniversary and has “Nørrebro” printed on the side, saluting the vibrant Copenhagen district where the label is based, which is also full of cutting-edge bars and designers. (Think Shoreditch without the late-night carnage and by a lake.)

The soles of the Gazelles also include the word Mayhem on one heel and Madness on the other, a celebration of football and everything the game means to the designers.


(Image credit: Unknown)

To support the release of the limited-edition sneakers, the brand has also designed a football shirt – probably the most hipster football shirt you can buy, perfect for one-upping your mate who bought the Racing Santander goalkeeper top, proudly sponsored by chorizo – as well as a limited-edition scarf and cap.

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