Allow The Kingsman X Mr Porter Collab To Infiltrate Your Wardrobe

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No man has ever squeezed into a tuxedo without mentioning the name of, or at the very least secretly feeling like, a certain English secret agent. A quick check of the cuffs, a little tweak of the bowtie, and in your head you’re sipping vodka martinis, chatting to beautiful women across a roulette table, and fist-fighting dodgy-accented evil-doers in the name of Queen and country… before actually jumping into the Vauxhall Astra and high-tailing it to the glitz of the Croydon Plumber Of The Year Awards at the local Harvester.

It’s safe to say that classic style and the British spy movie go hand in hand. And with Kingsman: The Golden Circle hitting cinemas on 29th September, that grip is about to get even stronger.

In line with the release of the blockbuster follow-up to Kingsman: The Secret Service, ever-excellent menswear destination Mr Porter has worked with director Matthew Vaughn to develop Kingsman, a bespoke line of luxury clothing that comes straight from the film’s costume department.

The focus is centred on British heritage, hand-picking materials from traditional cloth mills, carefully considering collaborators and making full use of Mr Porter’s long-standing relationships with some of the country’s greatest classic brands.

“After watching Risky Business as a teenager all I wanted was a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses – then Top Gun came along and it had to be the Aviators,” says Vaughn. “The power of film to set trends is immense and Kingsman was the perfect opportunity to create my own label inspired by a movie. But it could only work if I had the right partner to help launch the Kingsman collection, and Mr Porter was the obvious choice.”

The line brings the movie’s most fashionable garments within reach of your credit card, such as the double-breasted Prince of Wales checked wool suit jacket (£995) as seen on Harry (Colin Firth), the leather-trimmed shearling bomber (£1,595) of Agent Tequila (Channing Tatum), and even the stand-out piece from the entire film, the orange velvet tuxedo (£1,295) bravely worn by lead character Eggsy (Taron Egerton). Ties, belts, spectacles, pocket squares, watches, socks, umbrellas, hats and even gold-plated money clips are also up for grabs.

See the collection in its entirety here, and allow us to salute you and your bank balance before they embark on such a dangerous mission.

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Gary Kingsnorth was the fashion editor for Coach as well as Men’s Fitness.