Build Full-Body Muscle And Test Your Endurance With This 40-Minute Kettlebell Session

Man performs one-handed kettlebell swing in gym
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Kettlebell workouts are often short—like 10 minutes short—in part because the weight lends itself to explosive movements, which are hard to keep performing for a long time. Kettlebells are nothing if not versatile though, and in the right hands, you can use them for a conditioning workout that challenges and develops both your strength and endurance.

That’s what this workout from certified personal trainer and fitness influencer DanielPT Fitness does. It’s 40 minutes long but, accounting for a warm-up and full-body stretch afterward, you should set aside at least an hour.

The workout requires kettlebells of three different weights and a medicine ball, which acts as a makeshift incline bench. If you exercise at home, an adjustable kettlebell is a godsend (and we recommend one in our best kettlebells guide), and you can use anything sturdy and comfy to lean your back against.

Watch Daniel PT Fitness’s Full-Body Kettlebell Routine

The workout is complicated, with a series of combination exercises—a kettlebell clean and a lunge, for instance—interspersed with 2½-minute AMRAPs, which DanielPT Fitness calls complexes. 

Thankfully, it’s a follow-along video so you can just copy what you see on screen. However, if there’s one bit of advice we’d offer, it’s to brace your core and keep your spine neutral throughout. When swinging a heavy kettlebell about, it’s easy to get pulled out of shape, especially toward the end of a long workout when your form can suffer. 

Another way to guard against fatigue compromising your form is to rein yourself in at the start so you’re not blowing with 30 minutes still left on the clock. Aim to finish the session at the same pace and with the same good form as at the start. 

Lois Mackenzie
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