Get Moving And Burn Fat With This 30-Minute No-Repeat Workout

Man about to lift kettlebell from floor
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Kettlebells are wonderfully versatile free weights and are right up there with dumbbells when you’re planning on doing a cardio workout with weights. You can use kettlebells for short all-out 10-minute workouts that make full use of dynamic, full-body exercises like the kettlebell swing and kettlebell clean. Or you can work for longer, with lighter weights and keep the rest periods short. Both approaches are great for raising your heart rate and maintaining muscle, a potent combination when you want to burn fat.

This workout from certified personal trainer and fitness influencer DanielPT takes the second approach. The no-repeat workout of 30 moves has you working for 45 seconds, resting for 20, then moving on to the next exercise, with one longer 50-second break in the middle.

There’s a rhythm to the workout too, with the 30 exercises broken into six blocks. Each block begins with compound moves, includes an isolation move, then finishes with a core exercise.

The compound exercises often combine two moves, but the video is a follow-along so it’s easy to keep up. It’s worth practicing your technique for the clean before getting started, though, since it features prominently. You should be able to land the rack position without the kettlebell smacking the back of your wrist.    

You need three kettlebells to do this workout, so unless you have an adjustable kettlebell at home or an enviable collection of ’bells, you’ll need to hit the gym. DanielPT uses 20kg, 16kg and 12kg weights but adjusts the weights to your level. Remember, you’re working for a reasonably long time with short rest periods, so expect fatigue to set in during the end. You want to use weights that allow you to maintain good form even when tired.

Ready? Shirt off, let’s go. 

Once you finish it’s a good idea to keep moving to let your heart rate slow down gradually. Then finish off with a warm-down stretching routine to lengthen your muscles and help prevent injury in future.

Lois Mackenzie
Fitness writer

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