Quick! Book A Free Night At A Pop-Up Campsite In Kent

Adventure camping
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We know what you’re thinking. Free holiday? Yeah, right. This is like one of those spammy phone calls you occasionally receive that say you’ve won a free holiday – which you quickly hang up on before they hack your bank account… or something.

Well this is not that. We haven’t rung you up, for one, and for two, this is a legit outdoor gear shop trying to get the great British public interested in making the most of the great British countryside.

GO Outdoors is setting up a pop-up campsite at Risden Farm in Hawkhurst, Kent, and pitching three four-person tents, two six-person tents and one eight-person tent – and inviting you along for a night.

You can reserve a slot on Eventbrite for one of the four nights it’s running, starting on Friday 2nd June and finishing on Monday 5th. Check-in is at midday and you’ll be on your merry way by 10am the next day.

Adventure Camping

(Image credit: Unknown)

GO Outdoors will provide the tent, chairs and tables, toilets and a shower, and a communal firepit. The rest – sleeping bags, mats, food, etc – is up to you. Still, that’s a pretty good deal and a fine excuse to escape the rat race.

You can, of course, lounge on the grass for the duration, but there are walking trails to explore, cycle trails (for those with bikes, a roof rack and the will) to ride and plenty of trees to hug, plus the organisers are promising to come correct with a rounders set – and when was the last time you played rounders? Secondary school? We bet you’re much better at it now you’re older.

Of course, we recommend you round up your posse and book quickly, since there are only 128 places. Get all the details on the Eventbrite page and fire up WhatsApp.

Jonathan Shannon
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