Airlok Bike Hanger: The New Way To Keep Your Bike Safe

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Every cyclist in London knows the anxiety of locking up his or her bike outside overnight and wondering whether or not it will still be there in the morning. With space being at such a premium in the capital, many Londoners are forced to either lock up their bikes on the street or clutter up their hallways. That’s why the latest innovation from Hiplok is so cool.

Hiplok’s Airlok is the first wall-mounted bicycle storage hanger with a hardened steel lock that keeps you bike safe and frees up space. It will even keep your bike dry and out of the rain if you pick an indoor wall. It’s compatible with most types of bike and makes life hard for would-be thieves by placing the gold-rated lock mechanism out of reach – the same mechanism used in Hiplok’s highly rated bicycle locks. The key mechanism has been tested by the Locksmith’s Association and each set of keys has its own unique code. You can register this code with Hiplok for safekeeping and order more keys in future if you need to.

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The Airlok has been put through its paces with extensive testing, including payload and pull tests (successfully sustaining the weight of an 80kg human – far more than any bike is likely to weigh) and multiple attacks using a range of tools. Looks like there isn’t a hammer or a crowbar around that can break through these locks – it would be easier to steal the whole wall (thieves – please don’t get any ideas).

It’s currently on Kickstarter, giving early adopters the chance to get their hands on one at a discount price (£110, normally £130). The product has already surpassed its goal of £70,000 and the first batch is scheduled for shipping in January 2017. So don’t delay, the Kickstarter campaign closes in three days.

Pennie Varvarides

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