England vs Wales vs Northern Ireland Goal Celebrations

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It’s the day before England vs Wales in Euro 2016 and – let’s be honest — a lot of us are just killing time until the 2pm kick off. To help pass the time, we’re sharing three videos from the sponsor of the home nation teams, Vauxhall, showing players from the current squads (and Robbie Fowler) rating goal celebrations by their fellow countrymen. There are singers, dancers, deadly weapons and forward rolls. Wales won our imaginary coin toss so we’ll start with them – who do you think has the best celebration?


A video worth watching if only to relive Joe Ledley’s dancing, but also to see Chris Gunter’s flirting, Aaron Ramsey recognising a guy from his school and giving him a terrible score (what’s the story there?) and the Welsh squad’s commitment to not losing a limb to an errant sword chop before the tournament begins. If Wales score tomorrow, we hope they’ll recreate the winning Bicycle Boys routine – it will certainly soften the blow. 


Compared to the instinct for self-preservation demonstrated by the Welsh contingent, we were impressed (if a little concerned) by Chris Smalling’s response to a man aggressively twirling a staff. He announced that he is an ex-judo champion and proceeded to judo throw the man with a staff. In other revelations, it appears that Robbie Fowler is into yodelling and Jamie Vardy probably has an awesome collection of breakdancing videos.

Northern Ireland

As Northern Ireland are goalless in the tournament after one game, there’s still hope that Dallas, McAuley and Evans taught the winning body-slapping tap-dancing celebration to their compatriots. We also hope that Michael O'Neill has noted Corry Evans responding positively to a friendly chin tickle.

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