Skate shoe reviews

Looking for a new pair of skate shoes to cruise or chill in? Here are three of the coolest pairs available now

(Image: © Unknown)

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1) Adidas skate, £35

These fuss-free Adidas kicks offer enough protection to stop your feet from getting bruised when you’re going big on your board but are thin enough to allow for excellent board feel. The suede uppers are fairly hard wearing and should last even the most aggressive skater a good couple of months. To survive any longer they’d need a more suede outer layers, but that’s the price you pay for such a classically minimal vibe. And, afterall, looking the part is almost as important as function where onboard self confidence is concerned.


2) DC Tonik Mid S, £39.99

If you’re got a real phobia about twating your ankles when things go wrong, mid-tops will go a long way to soothing your sole (ed - sorry!). These no-frills ones feature a grippy pill pattern bottom so you don’t slip off your board the second it gets a couple of rain drops on it. They’ve got vulc soles so you have significant board feel and the layered suede over your baby toes means you don’t start shredding your digits after a couple of hard skates.


3) Nike Rabona, £35

Herringbone traction pattern and forefoot pivot points on these trainers increases stability, which means you’re less likely to snap a metatarsal or tendon while perfecting your treflips. The chunky cup soles offer more cushioning than vulcs, making them better suited to big jumps, and the well-protected ankle collars stop your board from slicing through an Achilles when you run out of a bodged mini-ramp trick.

4) Huf Choice, £65

Proper adult skate shoes, these - thanks to their understated design and cultured tech. Generous ankle padding protects the backs and sides of the joints, high eyelets keep your laces from getting torn apart when you shred, and the vulc soles mean you're always able to tell exactly what your board is doing under your feet. And because they look sensible enough to wear during a post-skate pint, there's no need to change your shoes after a successful street sesh.