MF recommends football boots

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1) For soft ground: Adidas Adizero F50 XTRX

Most grass pitches will start to cut up as soon as the first drops of water hit them, making bladed boots as useful as a rain mac in a swimming pool. But these boots have six long, sturdy metal studs and five molded TPU ones to provide maximum grip in the mud. They also offers ample heel protection, and are miCoach compatible, meaning you can record your speed, acceleration, distance and pace data to help you train and play smarter.

2) For firm ground: 
Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II

The surface of a football pitch should be soft enough for the sole of a boot to dig in without it giving way, enabling you to get enough purchase to rapidly change direction without breaking stride. The 13 angular blades on the soles of these Hydrastrike Pro IIs will help you make the most of these conditions. The boots also feature a light, durable K leather forefoot and midfoot, and H20i technology that keeps moisture from seeping through. The all-black aesthetic will endear itself to the football purist and foam foot beds mould to your feet for a locked in, customised fit, helping reduce the impact from playing on firm ground.

3) For five-a-side: Nike5 Bomba Finale AG

Nike have designed these bespoke five-a-side football shoes to help you keep your footing on both spongy 3G and firmer astro turf. They have hybrid soles that combine rubberised grips for 3G around the outer heel and forefoot with a multitude of shallower rubber studs for astro. The Bombas also include a novel ‘shape-correcting shot shield’ around the laces intended to help you control strikes at goal.
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