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Triathlon: Zoot Ultra Race

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Zoot Ultra Race


The Ultra Race has a single-pull lace system to reduce your bike/run transition time, and a carbon span shank on the sole for a more efficient footstrike. The Tri-Dry technology in this shoe allows water to drain through ducts in the sockliner and sole, minimising the Ultra Race's water weight gain.



Zoot Sports website

Adventure racing: New Balance 1441

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New Balance 1441

Adventure racing

It may look like something riot police will be wearing in 2050 but this is an awesome adventure racing shoe. With bags of cushioning and traction control, it protects your feet and gives excellent purchase on the most slippery trails. What’s more, the removable gaiter stops dust and stones getting in your shoe.



New Balance website

Parkour: Inov-8 F-Lite 301 PK

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Inov-8 F-Lite 301 PK


If you want to mix up your runs with a few back somersaults off postboxes or handless cartwheels down stairs, buy the free running-specific F-Lite 301 PK. It has extra flex and impressive grip so you don’t slip and land on your nuts as you try to front-flip off a rail.



Inov-8 website

Newton Gravity

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Newton Gravity

The Gravity is ideal for neutral to high-arched chaps who do a lot of high-mileage road running. It has innovative rubber actuators in the sole that mimic the increased efficiency and reduced shock of barefoot running. Brilliant if you can get past the 80s throwback colours, which will make you feel like you've been thieving from Marty McFly's wardrobe.


RRP £119.99

Newton Running website

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