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The gym is busy, all the machines are taken but there's a lonely dumbbell and enough space to lie down. Time for a monster of a full body workout - No excuses: fall of the machines.
This workout has three moves, one transition and a burpee penalty if you drop the weight. You need to do 55 reps using a ladder format for each side of the body. So perform ten reps of each exercise on one side, transition, repeat ten moves on the other side, then drop a rep for the next set until you've got down to a one-rep set.

The moves

Dumbbell snatch - Start from the hang position, dumbbell around knee height with chest up and spine in line.
- Drive from the the hips as you lift the dumbbell above your head into the catch position.
- Lower the dumbbell to your shoulder with palms facing inwards, before returning to floor.
Dumbbell push press - With the dumbbell resting on one shoulder, dip your hips with weight on your heels and drive up hard pushing the dumbbell overhead. 
- Hold for two seconds before lowering under control.
- Squeeze the glutes as you press and hold the weight above your head.
Front squat - Keeping the dumbbell in the start position from the push press, lower into a squat and focus on keeping your chest up and weight through your heels.
- Pause for two seconds at the bottom.
- Think control, stop and pop for guiding rep tempo.

The transition

- Push the weight above your head so your arm is straight and stay focused on it throughout.
- If it’s in your left hand, reverse lunge with your right leg, drop your knee to the floor and put your right hand next to it.
- Slide your right foot forward and sink down until you’re in a seated position.
- Lay back, move the dumbbell to the opposite hand, reverse the move and stand up.

The penalty

- If you choose a 20kg dumbbell – 20kg is the minimum weight for the session – and it touches the floor (no resting on your feet either), a penalty of 20 burpees will create some PAL (pain assisted learning).
- For a twist, try walking five metres after each transition.
Prepare yourself for lots of burpees. 

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A former army physical trainer, ‘Iron Mac’ specialises in functional strength, sports-specific training, injury prevention and nutrition. In 2010 he put his strength to the test by winning the UK Strength & Power meet.
McKenzie’s advice: ‘Don’t allow excuses to creep into your training routine when you’re away from the gym. You are standing in the original and best training tool - your own body! Learn to master your own movement and you will quickly realise it’s the ultimate way to remain injury free and stay in great shape wherever you are. No excuses.’
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Andy McKenzie

Andy McKenzie is a UKSCA accredited strength coach, and a strength and conditioning specialist.