How to get ripped without going to the gym (video)

Not being able to get to the gym doesn't mean you can't get in great shape. If you want proof, just take a look at Street Workout London, the UK's annual calisthenics event. Most of the competitors got involved when they could no longer get to the gym and started to train at parks, improvising with what was around them.

The result? A fierce freestyle competition that combines bodyweight and plyometric displays along with a large dose of creativity and improvisation. If you want to see how it's possible to take a selfie while in the middle of a planche, this is the event for you.

We sent MFer Matt down to find out how to get involved and try out some of the high scoring moves himself.

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Matt joined Men’s Fitness in April 2014 as features writer after spending several years writing for a luxury lifestyle magazine, swapping champagne and canapés for cardio and leg days.

Matt is a keen Thai boxer and his interest in fitness took off when he made the decision to compete semi-professionally and had to get in shape. Training aside, he says the worst thing about fighting is resisting the urge to apologise all the time. 

Oh, and he’s still on the look out for a decent fight nickname after being told ‘The Best’ was reaching a little bit…

Favourite move: Any kind of squat variation

Favourite sport: MMA and Muay Thai kickboxing

Personal best: Competing in a semi-pro K1 bout

Targets: Sub-1hr 40m half marathon and winning a fight by KO

Scariest MF moment: Writing about myself in the third-person for this profile

Favourite MF website story: Spider-Man workout

Favourite trainer quote: ‘Hands up, chin down’ – every striking coach ever

Biggest gym crime: Avoiding the weights and sticking to the treadmill