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Mark Bennett, senior wellbeing adviser at Nuffield, Moulto
'I’ve put together a ViPR workout that will burn fat, improve your cardio and build muscle with moves like the leopard crawl, woodchop and lateral toss. It’ll bump up your heartrate and increase your metabolic rate for around six hours after the workout.'
Go for 20 reps each of:
- Leopard crawl
- Active lateral toss
- Swings
- Row to uppercut
- Burpees
- Woodchop
- Squat
Janet Malinowski
creator of LA Fitness' Dance Fusion workout
'It would have to be an intense combination of high-intensity interval training and plyometric work – an all-rounder for cardio, conditioning and core strength. The exercises below are one set – perform each one consecutively, rest for two minutes and repeat for a total of four sets. This will always be intense.
Four sets of:
20 Burpees
20 Squat
20 Jumps
20 Clap press-ups
20 Scissor jump
20 Plyometic sit-ups

John Williams, campus training coach for David Lloyd
'I’d recommend a ViPR workout – if you don’t have one in your gym, you can do a lot of the moves with a sandbag or powerbag. The one I’ve put together consists of three mini-circuits geared towards reconditioning, vitality and performance. You can easily blast through it in 17 minutes.'

Reconditioning circuit
- 20 steps Staggered stance with medial tilt
- 20 Step over squats
- 20 Step with lateral shift
- 10 Step thread the needle

Vitality circuit
- 10 Squat thread the needle
- 20 Lateral shuffle with tilt
- 10 Front carry to deadlift
- 10 ViPR flip

Performance circuit
- 20 Shovel drill
- 20 Anterior step with uppercut
- 20 Ice skaters
- 10 Cylinder lift

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Joel Snape

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