No Excuses workout 10

no excuses
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Results have to be earned and a high level of conditioning is no easy task. Put simply, if you attack your body in the gym it will fight back and make you a bigger, stronger beast. Try this session to show your body who's really in charge. Go for it as hard as you can and remember: no excuses.

The workout

Minimal equipment is key. The rowing machine is unforgiving and perfect for cardio, kettlebells are great for swinging and increasing heart rate, and the dumbbells will crush you towards the end.

Round 1 1,000m row into 100 KB Swings 24kg
Round 2 750m row into 75 Push Ups
Round 3 500m row into 50 DB Push Press (20kg)
Round 4 250m row into 25 Man Makers (20kg)

Complete this as fast as possible, maintaining correct form for every exercise.


KB swings Hip drive and aim for the kettlebell to reach eye level every rep then let the kettlebell do the work on the way down.

Push-ups Chest and chin should touch the floor every time. Lower the body under control, pause and explode back keeping the gut and butt tight for lumbar control.

DB push press Start with the dumbbellss on the shoulder and then dip and drive through the hips and heel as you push them overhead and hold for one second before lowering.

Man makers Start standing, then drop into a press-up and perform one rep then do alternate single arm rows before standing back up and performing a push press – that's one rep!


The only penalty for this session is on you for taking too many rest periods and prolonging the agony.

Andy McKenzie

Andy McKenzie is a UKSCA accredited strength coach, and a strength and conditioning specialist.