How to get a beach body

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‘Before going on stage I’ll do an improvised workout with a resistance band to accentuate my muscles,’ says Ty Ogedegbe, 2013 Musclemania Mr Universe.

Do 12 reps of each exercise with minimal rest. Do the first round of the circuit with a slow tempo and the second round faster.

‘Varying the tempo will provoke a better response from the muscles so they look more defined,’ says Ogedegbe. New research in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning suggests a pump can last for up to 52 hours.


lateral raise
Stand on the middle of the band. Grab both ends and raise your arms until they’re horizontal.


Biceps curl
While standing on the band, curl your arms up from your sides.


bent-over flye
Bend forward, bring your hands in front of your knees and then out until you feel a squeeze in your lats.


Wide-grip press-up
Discard the band, place your hands twice shoulder-width apart and press up to failure.

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