Fat Loss Circuit

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This workout sheds body fat, takes less than 30-minutes and requires no equipment. You will need 60-metres of space for sprinting.
How it works: Sprint training pushes you quickly into the anaerobic training zone, giving your muscles a severe test. After a sprint, you can target your upper body or core while your cardiovascular system helps your legs recover. Both the calorie burn and training effect of this workout are high because you’re taxing the anaerobic system, responsible for muscle power, as well as the aerobic system, responsible for keeping you oxygenated.

How to do this circuit: Start with ten minutes of jogging to get thoroughly warmed up. Once you’ve done exercise 1, complete a sprint. Then immediately go into exercise 2 and repeat this pattern. Rest for two minutes after exercise 6, then start again at exercise 1. Repeat the circuit at least once.

For the sprint mark out a distance that will take you less than 15 seconds to cover. Run almost flat-out over this distance, starting with a low body position and powerful strides. Then go immediately into the next exercise.

1 High knee lunge

Reps 10 each side

As you take your foot off the floor to step forward, lift your knee high and pull back with your arms. Straighten your leg to step forward into a lunge. Then drive through and up with your back leg and walk the lunge forwards.

It’s working when you drive powerfully into the high knee position and then lower into the lunge under control.

2 Offset press-up 

Reps 12

Get in a press-up position, then move your right hand slightly behind the left. Lower your chest to the floor and then press up. Pause and move your right hand forward and your left hand backward before pressing up again. Keep alternating with each rep.

It’s working when your core is getting a workout by adapting to the different loads and your chest is getting a fresh workout by being hit from different angles.

3 Jackknife

Reps 12

Lie on your back with arms and legs held just off the floor. Crunch your abs up to bring your arms and legs together above your midriff, keeping them straight on the way up.

It’s working when you feel your abs powering the move with a big crunch up and then a slower lowering phase that keeps tension in the muscle.

4 Triceps dip

Reps 12

Place your palms on a bench or step and keep your back close to it. Raise one foot off the floor and lower your torso without rotating your shoulders forward. Alternate sides with each circuit, raising the leg of your non-dominant side first.

It’s working when your triceps power the move while your core stabilises your torso.

5 Aquaman

Reps 10 each side

Hold your arms and legs just off the floor, then lift your right arm and left leg further up into the air and hold for a count of one. Lower both, and then lift up your left arm and right leg.

It’s working when you feel your hamstrings and lower back working together as your core activates along the diagonal line between the working arm and leg.

6 Squat to throw

Reps 12

Squat until your thighs are level with the floor, holding your hands between your legs. Drive upwards and, as you go, throw your hands over your head with a powerful movement. 

It’s working when your whole body works together to perform the two-part movement as an integrated exercise, putting your upper body under pressure.