Become a better sprinter

Become a better sprinter
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'When you're in the blocks, lift up on your left leg, ensuring that your arms are locked straight and your back is flat. Brace your abs and keep looking at your hands.'


'Explode out of the blocks by pushing off with your leading leg and throwing your arms out to generate power. Keep your head low.'


'To run your best race you need to start in first gear with a steady transition up through the gears. All the speed is generated in this phase so pump your arms to force your lower body to build up speed for the first 20-30m before gradually rising.'


'During this main phase of the sprint you can't get any faster so it's vital to maintain as much speed as possible by using your arms to control the rhythm and getting your knees high. Stay relaxed to avoid tensing up and stalling.'


'Ideally you shouldn't have to dip because you'll already have the race won, but if it's close turn your shoulder into the line. Many people dip too early, losing speed, and their head crosses the line well before the torso.'

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Joe Warner
Former editor of Men’s Fitness UK

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