Make Your Shoulders More Resilient With These Two Moves

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Weak shoulders leave you prone to injury during upper-body workouts. Sitting at a desk all day or focusing too much on the bench press can also cause you postural problems and leave your shoulders internally rotated. You can redress the balance by adding these two moves to your routine.  

“The proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, or PNF, stretch loosens your muscles and helps prevent them from being pulled out of alignment, while the second move makes the joint stronger,” says top trainer Gideon Remfry. 

You can also try this bodyweight shoulder workout from an orthopaedic surgeon which builds power and stability in all three primary shoulder muscles.

1 PNF wide arm body rotation

Sets 6-10 Reps 6-10sec

Lie on the floor in a Y shape and bring your right hand in to your shoulder for support. Rotate your hips towards your outstretched arm, sending your right leg over the left. Push your straight arm down on the floor with 30 per cent of your maximum strength and hold that position for six to ten seconds. Repeat the move to the other side.

2 Standing external cable rotation

Sets 3 Reps 9-12 each side

Set the cable at a low height and, using a split stance, retract your shoulder blades. Hold your arm so that your elbow is level with your shoulder and your forearm is parallel to the ground. Pull the cable so that your elbow stays still but your forearm ends in a vertical position.

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