Anthony Ogogo's Olympic boxing exercises

(Image credit: Unknown)

Olympic boxing is a fascinating technical spectacle. OK, so it's not knockout city but the speed, footwork and precision striking make it well worth a watch.
British middleweight Anthony Ogogo is the man to watch at London 2012 – he won the Junior Olympics in 2004 and has since captained the British team at the world championships.
So what is it that he does in training that makes him such a hot prospect? ‘At the end of every session I strap weights to my ankles, hold hand weights and do 20 minutes of shadow boxing,’ says Ogogo. ‘I focus on explosive movement, staying light on my feet and keeping my hands up. By doing this I know I won’t fade towards the end of a fight.’
To see some of the other conditioning he's doing to prepare for the Olympics, check out the above vid.

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Jon Lipsey

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